Name: April Crate (Monthly Crate)
Price: 45.00 22.50 USD

In this monthly crate, you will receive 10 of the rewards listed below.

-----Common Loot-----

1x Money Pouch [Teir II]

1x Money Pouch [Teir III]

1x Money Pouch [Teir IIII]

1x Exp Pouch [Teir II]

1x Exp Pouch [Teir III]

1x Iron Golem Spawner

1x Pig Zombie Spawner

1x Witch Spawner

1x Villager Spawner

1x Cloud key

1x Sky Key

1x Aerial Key

------Rare Loot------

1x Hermes Rank Voucher

1x Apollo Rank Voucher

1x /Fly Perk

1x Condense Wand

1x Sell Wand 1.5x

1x Harvest Hoe 1.5x

1x Trench Pickaxe 5x5